Sustainability products


Recycling as a Service

Recycling as a Service platform is the world´s first integrated stack of cloud-based sustainability applications that provide all of the sustainability requirements for a fully digital circular economy.


Nozama Sustainability apps

Mobile Applications

Nozama’s mobile applications that are personalized and integrated into companies’ ERP and CRMs provide the sustainability tools required to implement measurable sustainability strategies.


Sustainable Customer Profile

Sustainability Customer Profile is the blockchain ready database that can be deployed across all software platforms to allow a complete view of the end consumer activities that impact sustainability. The SCP database is the cornerstone of a company’s marketing, sales, and branding strategy.


Sustainability Products

CO2 Tracker & SUP Tracker

The suite of sustainability products is tailored to provide CO2 tracking throughout the supply chain from point of origin to end consumer as well as Single-Use Packaging or SUP tracking from the end consumer to the recycling industry.