Become Sustainable.

Become Sustainable.

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it."

Peter Drucker

Sustainability is no longer an option. It’s not a trend either. Regulations, finance, manufacturers, global brands, supply chain operators and public opinion: all converge to decarbonize economy.

Nozama’s digital ecosystem enables companies to drive a controlled CO2 reduction strategy and position themselves as active sustainability-driven stakeholder, using metrics and achievements to communicate through all business and customer channels.

CO₂ Tracker

From warehouse to customer, track the CO₂ footprint of each delivery, take control of your metrics & communicate your impact.

Sustainable Customer Profile

For each customer and stakeholder, an individual Sustainable Customer Profile (SCP) is created. All CO2 data generated by your logistics activity is measured through the CO2 Tracker and reflected inside of each individual SCP.

Key features

CO₂ metrics, made easy

The Sustainability Dashboard gives you access to instant information, monitoring CO2 emissions and savings with unprecedented detail.

Key features

Data extraction tools

CO2 Tracker is enabled to source data from existing IT infrastructures and provide non operationally interfering extraction tools.

Key features

Transparency builds trust

Use your data to foster customer loyalty and brand awareness with our sustainability widgets.

CO₂ Tracker Prices


Up to 2.000 

deliveries / month

200 € per month


More than 2.000 

deliveries / month

1.000 € per month


More than 50.000

 deliveries / month

1.500 € per month

Extra - Large

More than 100.000

 deliveries / month

2.000 € per month