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Santiago Peralta and Carla Barbotó sitting at a table with Pacari chocolates

Pacari chocolate: from tree to bar, collaborates with Nozama for sustainability

Pacari, award-winning, vegan, eco-conscious chocolate has joined forces in Barcelona with Nozama to deliver their organic Ecuadorian chocolates sustainably. With over 35 flavours from rose, to passion fruit, to lemongrass, Pacari has been recognised as the best chocolate in the world and has won 207 chocolate awards, both nationally and internationally.  

It is even among the favourites of Michelle Obama and renowned TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey who fell in love with the lemongrass flavour in particular.  Each bar of chocolate is the result of a human process, the manifestation of the soul of the Ecuadorian community, inspired by a sustainable and ancestral culture of chocolate. What’s more, is that Pacari chocolate is suitable for everyone; vegetarians, vegans, it’s without lactose and gluten, is kosher and 100% organic. 

Santiago and Carla of Pacari holding cacao beans

Pacari was founded in 2002 by Santiago Peralta and Carla Barbotó, in the heart of Ecuador. Tourists can visit Archidona (2h44min from Quito), where the community of Santa Rita and their Cacao Agritourism Project can be found. Here you can find the Kichwa community, where the cacao is sowed and harvested, fermented and dried. 

The word Pacari means “nature” in Quechua. The underlying fundamental mission of Pacari is to take care of nature and the planet, sharing similar values to Nozama, of social responsibility, sustainability and responsible consumption. Their movement includes sustainable processes, equality and justice for small scale farmers and respect for the ancestral tradition of Ecuadorian cacao. Every practice and project protects the historic culture of cacao and gives back to the land that produced it. 

Among Pacari’s core values, include: 

Respect; for the rich history and heritage that lies behind the cacao bean

Trust; Pacari works directly with more than 3500 small scale farmers, without any intermediaries. This generates trust and traceability with the producers and offers them a fair price for their cacao. 

Santiago, CEO of Pacari chocolate with cacao workers

Leadership; Pacari has become a reference for quality chocolate and production processes, by prioritizing producers, helping them to grow organic crops and take care of their land and futures.

Sustainability; Pacari generates a positive impact on the world and promotes sustainable practices. One of the first sustainable practices of Pacari was guaranteeing stable and fair prices to small scale cacao farmers. 150.337 families depend on the production of cacao for their livelihood, so it’s only fair that they receive a fair price for what they produce. 

Small scale farmers also get awarded with certifications so they can generate good practices in the management of their crops. This ensures the quality of fine aroma cacao in an organic, sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Certificates for Pacari farmers

Together Pacari and Nozama have joined forces, whereby Nozama delivers Pacari chocolates to the Barcelona Metropolitan area with eco-friendly vehicles and recovers the clients' recyclables at the time of delivery, making deliveries environmentally friendly and preventing unwanted recyclable waste from ending up in the sea or in landfills. 

Customers who buy Pacari through the Nozama.green store and use the Nozama pickup service to recycle can see the CO2 they have saved by using Nozama’s eco-friendly delivery service and keep track of the kilos of waste they have recovered. 

Recently, to help out with covoid-19, Pacari and Nozama teamed up to deliver free chocolates to Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital Barcelona to thank the doctors and hospital staff for their help and commitment in keeping Barcelona safe. Check out our short video clip below! 


One of Pacari’s greatest achievements has been to place Ecuador on the map, as a producer of fine aroma cacao and world-class chocolate. They have rescued ancestral knowledge and natural flavours, accompanied by sustainable processes and fair trade practices. The producer is part of this new era in the history of chocolate, just like every consumer who shares a part of Ecuador, in every bar. 

Learn more about the makers of Pacari and the story that lies behind the best chocolate FOR the world with an online virtual tasting, taking place every Saturday during the month of May at 17:00h Madrid time. Avail of your chocolate kit here

We are excited to work with Pacari to deliver their chocolates to homes in Barcelona and thank them for their joint partnership. Together we can set an example that sustainable business practice is possible because it is necessary for the future of our planet. 

We encourage you to try Pacari through the Nozama.green store and in doing so, you aren’t just keeping your taste buds happy, but you are supporting fair farming practices, organic farming, preserving the history of Ecuadorian cacao and helping both Pacari and Nozama to spread the message of sustainability. 

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