CO2 Tracker

Need CO2 data regarding CO2 saved or CO2 generated

Nozama´s CO2 tracker addresses the need to track, trace and account for CO2 saved and CO2 generated.

Our partners and customers´ needs for CO2 data comes from the following requirements:

CO2 compensation: making CO2 accountable by complying with ISO requirement in CO2 reporting for the purpose of offsetting the carbon footprint

Compliance with sustainability legislation: applicable, promulgated and future legislation

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirements to address the CO2/Kg Impact at once with a comprehensive SaaS solution

Marketing departments’ objectives to develop their brands’ sustainable marketing feeding social media with brand global CO2/Kg Impact

Sales departments’ objectives to monetize sustainable data by upselling and cross-selling to end-consumers based on their personalized CO2/Kg Impact.


CO2 Tracker

How to Extract CO2 Data?

In order for Nozama´s CO2 tracker to track, trace and account for CO2 saved and CO2 generated, data must be extracted from the existing value and supply chains.

Nozama´s CO2 tracker is enabled to source its dates from existing IT infrastructure or provide non operationally interfering extraction tools to retrieve CO2 data.

  • Companies with existing IT Infrastructure that generate full sets of CO2 can be connected to CO2 tracker.
  • Connection with CO2 tracker is implemented for batch or real-time data flows.
  • Companies that do not have access to full CO2 data sets can employ Nozama extraction applications that connect seamlessly with legacy ERPs and updated ERPS. 


Nozama´s solutions are based on non operationally interfering extraction tools to retrieve CO2 data.

CO2 Tracker

How to use and monetize CO2 data?

Nozamas´ RaaS platform and SCP blockchain-enabled sustainable customer profile database drive the CO2 Tracker data flow to a business-relevant dashboard that enables the partner and customer to access:

  • Sustainability Reporting Tools
  • Sustainability Marketing Tools
  • Sustainability Sales Tools


The dashboard displays:

Tracking data of CO2 along segmented journeys, enabling consolidated reports specific to each logistic companies and their customers.

Access to easy and meaningful data equivalents of CO2 data for marketing and branding campaigns.Configuration tools to manage the monetization of sustainability data programs and activities.

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