Decentralized SCP

Decentralized Sustainability Consumer Profile

Each user registered on RaaS generates a unique Sustainable Customer Profile (SCP). This profile contains information about the CO2 savings, kilograms of recovered and recycled materials, recycling rating, and consumption rating.

The profile is saved on the blockchain and is associated with an account. Each SCP has traceable information regarding the different steps/checkpoints throughout the delivery journey from origin through to the end customer and from endpoint through to the recycling process. Users are able to see these checkpoints in real-time and anytime.


The validation of the data is linked to the blockchain through the time stamp that is generated throughout each checkpoint through the recovery and recycling process of Nozama or Nozama enabled companies.

A configurable smart contract is intended to automatically execute, control or document relevant events and actions according to the terms of the contract or agreement or business logic required by the businesses in order to drive CO2 and SUP data legitimacy and transparency.

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