Start making sustainable deliveries

Achieve true sustainability with Nozama’s solution

Increase customer loyalty and revenues by reducing CO2 and recycling packaging (Kg) in the delivery process 

Nozama's solution provides sustainability software and services to:



Increase customer loyalty with rewards on Kg/CO2 impact



Feed social networks with global Kg/CO2 savings 


Increase revenue

Increase revenue by leveraging CO2 and Kg impact


Current legislation

Comply with future sustainability legislation 

Enabling more companies to become sustainable everyday and profit from their commitment to the environment

Our customers practice sustainable commerce instantly when connected to Nozama's SaaS platform

Delivery management platform and pick-ups at home

Ability to seamlessly connect ecommerce sites to a delivery management system that provides access to sustainable logistics companies that have non contaminating vehicles and are connected to Nozama's platform to account for CO2 savings, as well as provide packaging recovery services.


Traceability platform

Ability to verify the history, location or application of a residue or used product of packaging by means of documented, recorder identification.

Loyalty platform

Ability to feed social networks with real sustainability data in terms of CO2 savings and kilograms of packaging recovered. Tool to manage reward programs and promotions based on personalized CO2 savings and kilograms recovered.


Waste evaluation

Ability to empower internal staff and external staff to conduct qualified triage of recovered packaging and preparation for delivery to recycling companies.


Become sustainable now!

Your company will provide its customers with a totally sustainable experience, thus generating confidence in the purchase of its products.


Start being sustainable