Biovéne Barcelona and sign an agreement to be 100% sustainable

Date and place: London / Barcelona: 13th March 2020

Biovéne Barcelona and sign a strategic partnership to allow Biovéne Barcelona to be 100% sustainable thanks to the RaaS Platform (Recycling as a service). Biovéne Barcelona, an innovative company of affordable, accessible and prestigious beauty products, embraces diversity in gender, identity and culture, as does the world-renowned cosmopolitan city where it was founded: Barcelona.

The use of RaaS will allow Biovéne Barcelona to continue its growth in sustainability, by providing its clients with full transparency of the C02 emissions saved. RaaS quantifies the kilograms of packages recovered from Biovéne Barcelona products.

"Our partnership with and the use of their RaaS platform will allow us to provide our customers with a completely sustainable shopping experience"

Erik Lambert, CEO of Biovéne Barcelona

«We are grateful to allow Biovéne Barcelona to be sustainable through the use of our recycling as a service (RaaS) platform that will provide Biovéne customers with full transparency in terms of CO2 saved and kilograms of recyclable waste recovered and the guarantee that no waste ends up in the environment «

André Vanyi-Robin, CEO of
Biovéne Barcelona

About Biovéne Barcelona

The mission of Biovéne Barcelona is to be one of the world's leading distributors of affordable premium beauty products . The company believes that if the products are accessible, people can live better, feel better and be inspired to have a positive outlook on life and therefore a positive impact on our planet.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, the brand embraces diversity in gender identity and culture, just like the city where its headquarters are located. Spanning the world, Biovéne is an award-winning, socially conscious brand promoting clean beauty, free of sulfates, SLS, SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone , hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban, with less than 1% synthetic fragrances. The brand does not test on animals and offers vegan and vegetarian options.

In addition to supporting global environmental projects such as the Plant for Planet Foundation To plant trees in Campeche, Mexico, Biovéne Barcelona participates in , a global charity that promotes local beach cleanup and raises awareness.

En su nueva asociación con, la compañía ofrece a sus clientes la oportunidad de recuperar y reciclar los envases de los productos con el objetivo de permitir que la sostenibilidad se incorpore verdaderamente, no solo con el uso de sus productos sostenibles, sino también con la experiencia de “Plataforma de Reciclaje como servicio”. El objetivo de la compañía es ayudar a los clientes a ver la cantidad de emisiones de Co2 y kilogramos de desechos reciclados que han recuperado, cada vez que compran un producto Biovéne.

Through the launch of Biovéne's #ReplaceTheBottle campaign, with the announcement of the new plastic-free, liquid-free, solid, water-free shampoo and conditioner bars; and its association with, Biovéne Barcelona strives to support local initiatives for a better planet by helping companies like to accelerate their own growth while raising public awareness about sustainability. Biovéne's core belief is that we can create a community of "beauty activists" who truly support global change.

Sobre Nozama.Green

Nozama is a cleantech company that enables sustainable e-commerce by enabling the sustainable delivery of goods to the home and the recovery of recyclable waste at home at the same time.

Nozama's clients are e-commerce companies and logistics companies.

Nozama takes advantage of the delivery to offer those who receive the products the recovery of the material that is going to be recycled. It then takes the recovered material to a sorting center, where it separates the recovered material into 14 primary material categories. Nozama sells this material to the recycling industry that takes advantage of the quality of the revalued garbage and the traceability to allow its customers to trace all the recovered garbage from start to finish, thanks to the RaaS platform. Triage is carried out by personnel who are at risk of social exclusion to provide sustainable jobs and reintroduce them into the socioeconomic fabric.

RaaS (Recycling as a Service) platform provides traceability, transparency and smart contract-based recycling incentive programs that enable the selling of online mass consumption products, their collection after usage and their recycling, whilst providing end-users with CO2 savings and kilograms of recycled plastic and other recyclable packaging that has been recovered.

For more information, contact: Lisa Heffernan, Nozama Marketing Manager