El Safareig

El Safareig's commitment to sustainability using Nozama RaaS

Nozama is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with El Safareig, which will result in the organization using the RaaS platform (Recycling as a Service) in an effort to become more sustainable and concious of the importance of caring for the environment.

El Safareig is a store with a wide variety of products for hygienic use, either for personal use (deodorant, essential oils, toothbrushes, etc.) or for home care (fabric softener, dishwasher tablets, etc. .). In any case, all products on your website are guaranteed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Items sold by El Safareig are, for the most part, local, in the sense that 75% of their products come from Catalunya. Furthermore, they have a wide range of organic products, according to the certifications established on their website, with ingredients that also take vegans into account.

By using RaaS, El Safareig will continue its development and growth with regard to its own sustainability, in addition to further demonstrating to what extent it cares about the environment and is willing to contribute to its care and maintenance.

The addition of RaaS will lead to a better traceability and transparency throughout the entire experience, from delivery to recycling of recovered waste, providing customers with a comprehensive sustainable shopping experience.

Apart from this, information is provided to consumers on savings of CO² and kilograms of recovered waste, giving customers a clear idea of how they are having a positive impact on the environment.

This association between Nozama and El Safareig is favored by the simplicity of the operations that they must undertake together in which Nozama will collect the orders made by El Safareig and deliver them with ecological and emission-free transport.

At the time of delivery, the zamers of Nozama They will recover the customer's recyclables and take them to their recycling center. This will allow El Safareig to make sustainable deliveries and offer its customers a transparent recycling service.

For more information, contact: Lisa Heffernan, Nozama Marketing Manager

Email: lisa@nozama.green