Cesta de Frutal!-nozama

Frutal Shakes & Nozama: united by ecological and sustainable online shopping

Frutal Shakes and Nozama Green team up to bring you home your online ecological purchases in Barcelona..

Frutal Shakes is an ethical and responsible company whose objective is to promote an improvement in daily and basic consumption. They are fully aligned with their new partner, Nozama.Green, who will from now on collaborate with Frutal! in delivering your ecological baskets and in the recycling of plastics and packaging of their clients.

Presentation of the founder of Frutal Shakes

Pau Pérez Bonnal, its founder, is a political scientist and international aid worker. From Vanuatu to El Salvador, he has dedicated several years of his life to participate in community projects learning about other cultures and contributing his bit in projects to aid in access to drinking water, youth education, and observation of apiaries, among others, such as acting as representative of the Community Rural Tourism area in the Climate Change Table, in El Salvador.

The history of Frutal! began when he returned home. His passion for Salvadoran-style fruit smoothies prompted him to go around the Ciutadella park with his shakes, offering recipes he himself invented. With his first sales, he bought a professional mixer to make more delicious shakes and, little by little, he was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship.

Thanks to a course on organic farming, entrepreneurship and cooperativism, offered by the Fundació Futur, he was able to test his idea of the Frutal! Circuit

Ecological and sustainable model of Frutal!

This circuit invites you to radically change your consumption in a positive and circular way like no other. The heart of the circuit is to chain the activities in a disruptive circular consumption model compared to the classic linear model.

The design of the circuit puts healthy eating at the center but in a broad sense: It begins by promoting the consumption of fruits, vegetables and legumes that are the only source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fibers really necessary to live a healthy life.

The second stage is revolutionary: By generating its own waste, Frutal! is aware that it is their responsibility to reduce carbon footprint, that is why waste is selected and turned into compost, thanks to his friends and collaborators of abonokm0. These residues are actually resources, since they are the food of the worms and allow them to grow, develop and live.

In the end, the result is a top quality compost that provides nutrients and fertilizes the soil, allowing it to regenerate, as well as feeding plants, flowers, aromatic herbs and other crops. 

Pochi is the Ambassador Raccoon for Frutal Shakes. It is an animal that loves its fruits and vegetables and is threatened by destructiveness of humans. Together with his friends, worms and other animals, he is looking for a way to make his community and create his world better, always with a smile. So he envisioned a more constructive way of life.

Frutal!'s project is a simple but beautiful and necessary idea at the same time since it respects life in a broad sense.

Ecological agriculture and sustainability

Baskets and shakes come from ecological agriculture certified by different suppliers or ecological management by the cooperative created by classmates and teachers of the course, Menjar d’Hort.

In addition, it limits the origin of its products to the national territory to avoid costly CO2 emissions produced by airplanes and freight ships, yet preserving a wide range of products that grow in our country and that are basic consumption in their season as kiwis or bananas.

All food produces remains or waste that if not managed properly, not only are more polluting, but its potential as a resource is wasted, that's why this classification is vital and individual and community responsibility is key. For this reason, in order to develop this circuit, Frutal Shakes is looking for allies that allow it to realize its great idea. And Nozama is one of them since it fully shares its environmental and sustainable values.

Abonokm0 is an initiative that was born in Connecthort, in the Poblenou neighborhood, just two blocks away, where Pau grew up and which he met by chance while walking. Both soon were willing to collaborate and support each other, so the idea quickly became a reality.

«Since then we have sought to grow step by step, being as kind, close and transparent as possible to offer something good from start to finish and that allows us to live well or the good life (Sumak Kawsay). Now, thanks to Nozama, we are also collecting plastics, even if we don't sell them ourselves, to prevent them from ending up in the sea, ”says Pau for the Nozama.Green blog.

“Grateful for everyone's support and for the opportunity to live this experience, we will continue to do our bit trying to do our best so that we can all make a beautiful beach”, concludes Pau.

Nozama.Green also thanks the director of Frutal! this collaboration, which is great news for all people with an ecological conscience and who choose vegan food to take care of themselves and feel good on a daily basis. Nozama and Frutal! are always there at your disposal to take home what you need and take care of the environment with compost and recycling.

We therefore inform the entire Nozama community that, from now on, our zamers will also take home some Frutal! Shake's ecological baskets containing very healthy and high quality legumes, fruits and vegetables grown in the most natural and sustainable way to make your online ecological purchase a unique experience you will be able to enjoy from Barcelona.