Fleurance Nature and Nozama work together to improve sustainability

Fleurance Nature, a natural cosmetics company, and sign a strategic partnership to enable Fleurance Nature to become 100% sustainable thanks to RaaS Platform (Recycling as a Service).

The use of RaaS will enable Fleurance Nature to continue its growth in sustainability by providing its customers with full transparency in terms of CO2 saved by buying Fleurance Nature products and kilograms of packaging recovered by Fleurance Nature delivery services enabled by RaaS.

“Our partnership with Nozama and the use of their RaaS platform will enable us to provide our customers with a completely sustainable shopping experience,” said Cathy Werner, international director of Fleurance Nature. Cathy Werner, international director de Fleurance Nature.

“We are grateful to enable Fleurance Nature to become sustainable through the use of our Recycling as a Service (RaaS) platform which will provide Fleurance Nature's customers with full transparency in terms of CO2 saved and kilograms of recyclable waste recovered and the guarantee that no waste ends up in the environment ”said André Vanyi-Robin, CEO of Nozama.Green.

About Fleurance Nature

Fleurance Nature was founded in 1972 by a farmer in Fleurance, Gers, in the heart of south-western France, based on the principles of selection of natural products that respect good agricultural practices. It is a leading French company, with  food supplements and organic cosmetic products, Fleurance Nature offers natural products, healthy and organic, for wellbeing, beauty and home. Fleurance Nature "Tomorrow's biggest challenge is not just living longer, but living a better daily life".

Fleurance Nature is always respectful of the environment and holds sustainability and social responsibility with great importance. By partnering with Nozama, Fleurance Nature is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by delivering products via eco-friendly means to its customers in Barcelona and by enabling the recovery and recycling of all product packaging.


Nozama is a cleantech which does sustainable e-commerce by making the sustainable delivery of goods at home and facilitating the recovery of recyclable household waste at the same time.

Nozama's clients are e-commerce companies and logistics companies.

Nozama leverages the delivery to offer those who receive the goods the recovery of the material to be recycled. Nozama takes the recovered material to a separation centre, where it separates the recovered material into 14 categories of prime material.   

Arnau y Daniel del equipo tech de Nozama

Nozama sells this material to the recycling industry which leverages the quality of the reevaluated trash and the traceability to allow for their customers to track all recovered trash from beginning to end, thanks to the RaaS platform. Triage is conducted by personnel that are at risk of social exclusion in order to provide sustainable jobs and re-introduce them into the socio-economic fabric.  

RaaS (Recycling as a Service) platform provides traceability, transparency and smart contract-based recycling incentive programs that enable the selling of online mass consumption products, their collection after usage and their recycling, whilst providing end-users with CO2 savings and kilograms of recycled plastic and other recyclable packaging that has been recovered.