Nueva colaboración de Savourshop con Nozama Green

Savourshop to recycle with Nozama

Nozama is proud to announce its imminent strategic collaboration with Savourshop which, from now on, will use the RaaS () In an effort to further promote ecology. Whether you're motivated to try new dishes or just lose yourself in the unmistakable smell and taste of home cooking while abroad, Savourshop is the bridge between your wishes and reality,bringing a wide variety of international ingredients and food to your home.

Savourshop was founded in August 2010 with a mission in mind for the founders, which was and still is «bring products from all over the worldfrom the most basic ingredients to the most difficult ”for their customers. Dishes and ingredients available for purchase include sauces from Japan, curries from Thailand, spices from India, jams from England, and many more that you can find online. They have a store located in Carrer de Milà i Fontanals, too.

By using RaaS, Savourshop will be able to continue its development and growth in regard, not only to its environmental impact, but also to its own sustainability, providing customers with the most ecological experience possible..

The implementation of RaaS will lead to better traceability and transparency throughout the entire experience, from delivery to recycling of the recovered waste, providing customers with various forms of proof of how the waste is prevented from polluting the environment.

The QR codes placed on the garbage bags are just the beginning, as images of the waste being weighed and sorted will also be displayed to customers. In addition, information will also be provided about CO², kilograms of recovered waste and recycled materials.

This partnership between Nozama and Savourshop is favored by the simplicity of the operations that they must undertake together in which Nozama will collect the orders that Savourshop places, and then deliver them with emission-free transport.

At the time of delivery, Nozama zamers will recover the customer's recyclable material to take it to their recycling center and the organic waste (in a separate bag), allowing Savourshop sustainable deliveries and providing its customers with a service of transparent recycling.