Promising CleanTech Nozama Green raises €50K led by GoParity

#CleanTech startup founded in London with operations in Barcelona, Nozama Green raises 50.000 euros in less than 7 days through the crowdlending platform for impact investment, GoParity.

257 investors (4 companies and 253 individuals) from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, among others are lending 50.000€ to Nozama Green as working capital to hire more software developers. The investments start with as little as 5€, going up to 4.900€.

Founded in 2019, Nozama Green is a London-based startup, operating in Barcelona with the mission to ensure all CO2 and Single-Use Packaging (SUP) is accounted for, compensated, and recovered. CO2 and Single-Use Packaging known as SUP are currently not being measured along the retail chain up to recyclers nor are they being accounted for. This leads to the end-consumer carbon footprint not being measured. After realizing this lack of traceability, André Vanyi-Robin, Daniel Garcia, Trym Lyngset and Pierre Armengaud founded Nozama Green and developed several tools to measure and monetize sustainability.

The two startups met in a Spanish acceleration programme for impact projects, Ship2B. André Vanyi-Robin, Nozama CEO “We decided to choose GoParity because of its vision and philosophy regarding sustainability and its proactive and measurable activity to saving the environment in addition to GoParity´s commitment to supporting cleantech companies.” André Vanyi-Robin, CEO and founder. “We are thankful for GoParity’s community of impact investors who share our vision of a sustainable world.” 

Nuno Brito Jorge, the CEO of GoParity said “In a time of crisis like this, we have the opportunity to choose what new world we want to see emerging from it. Our community has been showing us that this sort of empowerment is ever-growing. In 2020, we tripled the amount invested in comparison with 2019 and we have been funding projects with a positive impact like Nozama’s in record time.”

GoParity is an impact investment platform that connects companies that need funding for sustainable projects with individuals and organizations who want to invest sustainably. Considered one of the Top Portuguese startups to follow in 2021 by Sifted, it has funded over 4 million euros in sustainable projects across six different countries (Portugal, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Uganda).


Johnny Hilditch

Sustainability Research and Applied Physics

As Sustainability Technician at Nozama, Johnny, a Physics graduate from Oxford University where he specialised in Orbital Mechanics, is leading Nozama's Research department on the Carbon Footprint of Cryptocurrencies. His department is working with the development team to come up with a Cryptocurrency Carbon Footprint Tracker.