Nozama Spain Solutions

  • Enable the adoption of sustainable consumption by users
  • Enable user sensitivity to prices related to sustainability.
  • Enable the adoption of sustainable consumption agents.
  • Enable the agent’s sensitivity to profitability related to sustainability.
  • Enable the recycling partner’s adoption of the traceability of recovered packaging.
  • Enable the volume of containers recovered.
  • Enable CO2 emissions and savings related to e-commerce.

Customized Sustainability App


Separate the paper from plastic and metal

After consuming your products, put the plastic containers in a bag, the cardboard containers in a bag, and the metal containers in a bag.


When picking up new products, take bags with you to give to the agent

Once the recyclable bags are delivered to the agent, they will be scanned and assigned to their customer profile so that the customer can accumulate sustainability points.


The agent will request the collection through the personalized collection application

Your collection application will allow your dealer to request collection from the recycling partner to retrieve all of the customer’s recyclable packaging.

Sustainable Collection

Recycling partners will go to the specified location to collect recyclable materials


Guaranteed recycling

The collection application will allow your customers, distributors and recycling partners the ability to track all recovered packaging and its subsequent recycling.

All sustainable projects are based on the following benchmark

  • Number of downloads of the customized Pickup app
  • Number of users of the Customized Pickup application
  • Number of transactions in the Customized Pickup application
  • Volume of recyclable material recovered
  • Volume of additional revenue generated by sustainability value

For more information

Additional services provides IT solutions to track and measure the environmental impact of retail operations.

  • Monitor and evaluate CO2 emissions and savings for each B2C delivery.


  • Organize the reverse logistics process for single-use packaging (SUP) and provide customer-centric analytical data based on recovered materials.


  • Provide access to zero-emission logistics companies that are integrated into our IT solutions to track and measure environmental impact.

Data collection

Detailed and segmented information for internal and external use

  • Specific or estimated segmented CO2 reports by client or sub trip


  • Sustainability correlations to equate CO2 savings with everyday concepts


  • All information is presented in the form of widgets designed for websites, blogs and social networks so that users can share their “contribution to saving the environment.”
  • In addition to customer-centric data, a business dashboard is available so that all segmented CO2 information can be viewed, shared, and used to offset emissions.


  • When applicable, the kilogram of data retrieved from SUP is reflected on the platform dashboard.