Sustainability Products

CO2 Tracker & SUP Tracker

RaaS has been tailored to tackle all sustainability requirements accross the value and supply chains.


CO2 Tracker

Measurement app that provides real-time analytics of CO2 emissions and savings depending on the type of vehicle, without interfering with your day to day operation. Deployed by thousands of vehicles and drivers.

SUP Tracker

Single-Use-Packaging (SUP) is a traceability and measurement app that provides real time analytics of single use packaging used, and recovered across the forward and reverse supply chains, to provide transparency in the day to day operations of packaging generation and recovery.

Deployed by thousands of vehicles and drivers.

Built around components, each software application is tailored to solve specific needs such as CO2 tracking, Single Use Packaging Tracking, Sustainability Relational DataBases to allow for meaningful information to be shared on social networks and advertising campaigns.

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